Application Note About Simple Pressure Sensor Signal Conditioning Circuit

This application note contains discussion about accuracy, circuit, pressure, signal conditioning, sensor, and simple pressure sensor. Lots of explanation related to conditioning circuit, pressure sensor signal, the instrumentation amplifier, the excitation current, and amplifier are explained in the application note.

Inside the application note you can learn things related to compensation, instrumentation amplifier, instrumentation, optimum feedback, simple signal conditioning, and signal conditioning circuit. Here are chosen from this application note:

A simple signal conditioning circuit should allow the output of the amplifier to be independent of the sensor used, providing interchangeability and high level output at very low cost. A laser trimmed resistor on the sensor’s compensation board programs the gain of an external amplifier to normalize the pressure sensitivity variation.

Even more, this application note contains discussion such as signal, sensor signal, calibration, pressure sensor, and sensor signal conditioning.

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