Application Note About Temperature Measurement Circuits for Embedded Applications

The application note contains information related to temperature measurement, comparator, temperature sensors, accuracy, thermistor, output sensors, error, block diagram, and output voltage. Many information such as noise, thermocouple, signal conditioning, analog output, interface, the relaxation oscillator, output sensor, measurement accuracy, and oscillator are presented in this application note.

In this application note the reader can find description about thermal response, remote sensor, divider circuit, remote sensors, circuits, sensors, temperature sensor, frequency, and microcontroller. The following are chosen from the application note:

DEFINITIONS The following terms are used in this application note: • Accuracy is the difference between the true and measured temperature • Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR) is defined as the ability of the amplifier to reject a signal which is common to both inputs • Input Offset Voltage (VOS) is the voltage that must be applied to an amplifier to produce a zero volt output Temperature Sensor EMI / ESD Filter* Amplifier • Local sensors are located on the same PCB as the microcontroller • Precision is the ability to measure a small temperature gradient and determines the interchangeability of the sensor • Remote sensors are located at a distance from the microcontroller’s PCB • Repeatability is the sensor’s ability to reproduce previously measured values • Stability is defined as the long-term drift of the sensor over a period of time SENSOR-TO-MICROCONTROLLER INTERFACE OPTIONS The sensor interface option is selected by evaluating the complexity of the senso

In addition, the application note contains information regarding signal, measurement, silicon sensors, differential amplifier, noise reduction, instrumentation amplifier, amplifier circuit, and oscillation frequency.

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