Application Note About Temperature Sensor Cicuit Provides Dual Slope Output

Inside this application note we can learn description related to temperature sensor, transfer function, sensor, thermal response, equation, and the frequency drift. This application note presents info related to temperature sensors, output, curve, temperature, and range.

Many explanation related to response, slope temperature sensor, sloped temperature sensor, circuit, and temperature range are presented inside this application note. The following are selected from this application note:

The dual-slope temperature sensor circuit in Figure 1 combines one negative and one positive-sloped temperature sensor to create a V-shaped output, which can be used to compensate for a dual-temperature-coefficient thermal response. The transfer function of the LM61 (IC2) is a straight line with the equation: (2) Figure 1: This dual-slope temperature sensor circuit can help compensate for the frequency drift of XT-cut crystals The two lines are plotted in Figure 2, which shows that the temperature of intersection T INT LM19 and LM61 essentially do not sink current (less than10mA), V OUT is 58.55�C.

Also, this application note contains more such as frequency, temperature sensor circuit, voltage, current, and sensor circuit.

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