Application Note About Testing Tire Pressure Sensors In The Aoutomotive Industry

There are lots of discussion around sensor, frequency, tire pressure, modules, measurement demodulator, and tire pressure sensors are presented in the application note. The application note gives you explanation related to frequency range, measurement, pressure sensors, system, and data.

Inside the application note we can learn things related to tire pressure sensor, interface, measuring system, temperature, and sensors. The following are some excerpt from this application note:

GENERAL PURPOSE Test systems RF Test System R&S ® TS7810 Testing tire pressure sensors in the automotive industry Tire pressure sensors are becoming standard The RF Test System R&S ® TS7810 is designed especially for the fast In the recent years, the safety of automobiles has continuously increased. RF analysis IEC/IEEE bus Versatile and compact Pressure-proof chamber This test system includes the CompactPCI/PXI-based Open Test Platform R&S ® CompactTSVP [1], the R&S ® GTSL system software, the Spectrum Analyzer R&S ® FSP3, the Shielded RF Test Fixture R&S ® TS7110 [2] as well as customer-specific test sequence adaptations.

Even more, the application note explains information around pressure, module, pressure temperature, fm measurement demodulator, and pressure sensor.

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