Application Note for Interfacing a CMOS Image Sensor to D.Module

There are many explanation like interfacing, pixel data interface, sensors, module camera interface, interface, and communications are described inside this application note. This application note presents information about image, external memory interface, image sensor initialization, sensor, sensor initialization, and cmos sensor.

In this application note the reader can learn information regarding the image sensor, image acquisition, data interface, bandwidth, camera interface, and image processing. Here are excerpted from the application note:

Nowadays image processing systems are mostly based on PC, CompactPCI, or VME-Bus systems. They are typically made up from analog cameras with CCD sensors, a frame grabber, and the actual image processing processor. For many new applications this architecture however cannot be used due to size, power consumption, and cost constraints. This is particularly true for biometric systems (e.g. face recognition) and automotive applications (driver assistance systems). These new developments can only be marketed successfully if an extremely compact, powerful, and reasonably priced hardware is available.

Furthermore, this application note explains info around cmos image sensor, acquisition, image sensor, module, and cmos image sensors.

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