Application Note for LM34/LM35 Precision Monolithic Temperature Sensors

In the application note the reader can get information regarding sensors, temperature controller, differential thermometer, fahrenheit temperature sensor, applications, voltage, remote temperature sensor, and circuit. Many info such as temperature, sensor, amplifier, circuits, calibration procedure, current, and sensor outputs are presented in the application note.

This application note presents explanation about output frequency, application, precision, calibration, compensation circuit, frequency, and thermometer. The following are taken from this application note:

LM134,LM135,LM34,LM35,LM3914,LM395 Application Note 460 LM34/LM35 Precision Monolithic Temperature Sensors Literature Number: SNOA748B National Semiconductor Application Note 460 October 1986 Introduction Another approach has been developed where the difference in the base-emitter voltage of two transistors operated at different current densities is used as a measure of temperature. To overcome these problems the circuits of Figure 4 (an LM34 Fahrenheit temperature sensor) and Figure 5 (an LM35 Celsius temperature sensor) have been developed to have a simpler calibration procedure, an output voltage with a relatively large tempco, and a curvature compensation circuit to account for the non-linear characteristics of VBE versus temperature.

Also, the application note presents more such as output, monolithic temperature sensors, temperature sensors, leakage currents, temperature range, output current, and temperature sensor.

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