Application Note for SDP600 Series-Differential Pressure Sensor Selection Guide

Inside the application note you can find things about compensation, measurement, pressure sensors, and pressure compensation. Many info about pressure sensor selection, pressure sensor, pressure measurement, and temperature compensation are described in this application note.

The application note tells you information related to differential pressure measurement, pressure, differential pressure sensor, and sensors. The following are grabbed from this application note:

The air flow can either be measured in standard volume flow, mass flow or as actual volume flow. No Yes Yes (if the flow restrictor has a non-linear characteristic) No (if the flow restrictor has a pure linear characteristic) Table 3 Compensation needed with standard diaphragm-type differential pressure sensors Version 1.0 – November 2010 – C1 3/4 Application Note: Differential Pressure Sensor Selection Guide Revision history Date Version Author Changes November 2010 V1.0 Initial release PHA/PHU/SAW Headquarter and Sales Offices SENSIRION AG Laubisruetistr.

Even more, the application note tells us discussion about application, differential pressure sensors, and sensor.

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