Application Note of Linear Technology Current Sense Circuit Collection 2005

Lots of explanation around side current sensing, resistor ratio, current sense, circuit, circuit breaker, accuracy, output swing, output voltage, measurement, and voltage are presented inside the application note. In this application note you can learn information about input, circuits, current shunt, current measurement, amplifier, supply, sense amplifier, current sense circuit, and accuracy gain.

The application note contains discussion about load current, current, amplifiers, current sensing, current range, power connection, application, output current, configuration, and converter. Here are excerpted from this application note:

APPLICATION NOTE 105: Current Sense Circuit Collection ACCURACY GAIN (V/V) TYPE/CIRCUIT 10 to 50 High Side One Direction Voltage Out RSENSE 1 SLEW RATE VSUPPLY RANGE (VS) VIN RANGE (VCM) DIFFERENTIAL VIN RANGE (SURVIVAL) 300µV 5µA 100kHz 0.05V/µs 2.7V to 36V (VS + 1.4V) to 48V ±48V 350µV 350µV 250nA 250nA 200kHz 200kHz 2.5V/µs 2.5V/µs 4V to 70V 4V to 105V (VS – 1.5V) to 70V (VS – 1.5V) to 105V ±70V ±105V 8 VS– VS+ RG1 5k RG2 5k + – R 25k A1 VCC 2.7V TO 36V BANDWIDTH MSOP-8 DFN VIN (VCC + 1.4V) TO 48V LOAD INPUT CURRENT (IBIAS) OFFSET DEVICES AND VOLTAGE PACKAGES (VOS) LT6100 SPEED 2 – Q1 RE 10k VOUT A2 5 + VO1 RO 50k R/3 R VEE FIL 4 3 A2 6 A4 7 6100 F01 Resistor Ratio High Side One Direction Current Out ILOAD – VSENSE + SOT23-5 MSOP-8 VBATTERY RSENSE RIN LTC6101 LTC6101HV 5 V+ 10V L O A D 5k IN + 5k + 4 IN – – 3 IOUT 10V OUT V– LTC6101/LTC6101HV 2 1 6101 BD VOUT = VSENSE x

Also, this application note explains discussion regarding input voltage, supply voltage, application, range, devices, output, output impedance, sense circuit, and current sense basics.

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