Application Note of Measurement Technique for Determining RF Immunity

There are many explanation around noise, noise immunity testing, power amplifier, amplifier, and rf are described inside this application note. Inside this application note you can find things like noise immunity, immunity, circuits, and the power amplifier.

This application note gives us information related to frequency, rf noise rejection, rf noise immunity, modulation, and the signal generator. Below are excerpted from this application note:

The ubiquity of GSM cell phones has contributed to the steady rise in unwanted RF signals, causing electronic circuits to give distorted results unless they possess adequate RF noise-rejection capabilities. Consequently, RF-immunity testing has become imperative for ensuring the satisfactory operation of electronic circuits. Introduction Most of today’s cell phones utilize the time-division multiple access (TDMA) standard, a multiplexing scheme that modulates the high-frequency carrier by pulsing it off and on at a rate of 217Hz.

Additionally, the application note contains info regarding signal, signal generator, audio frequency, and noise rejection.

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