Application Note of Pressure Transducer to ADC Application

There are many information like frequency, transducer, operational amplifiers, and pressure are explained inside the application note. Inside the application note we can read info around amplifier, excitation, and the measurement signal.

This application note presents discussion like the excitation voltage, signal, measurement, and instruments. The following are some excerpt from this application note:

Defining the circuit A major application of operational amplifiers (op amps) is converting and conditioning signals from transducers into signals that other devices such as analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) can use. Conversion and conditioning are usually necessary because the transducer and ADC ranges and offsets are rarely the same. Op amp circuits are also useful in signal filtering for compatibility with ADC circuits. This article shows how to use a bridge-type transducer for measuring gas or liquid pressure, and for measuring strain in mechanical elements.

Giving more content, the application note explains more regarding pressure transducer, signal conditioning, and measurement signal.

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