Application Note of Solar sensor Circuit

Many information such as solar sensor, sensor circuit, circuit, and the solar sensor are explained in this ebook. This ebook presents discussion regarding amplifier, sensor, and system.

Inside the ebook we can learn info around conditioning amplifier, air conditioning amplifier, and the output voltage. Below are taken from the ebook:

The solar sensor, which is installed on the upper side of the instrument panel, detects sunlight and controls the air conditioning AUTO mode. The output voltage from the solar sensor varies in accordance with the amount of sunlight. When the sunlight increases, the output voltage increases. As the sunlight decreases, the output voltage decreases. The air conditioning amplifier detects changes in the output voltage from the solar sensor. DTC No. DTC Detection Condition B1424/24 Open or short in passenger side solar sensor circuit Trouble Area

In addition, this ebook tells us info such as output, output voltage, and solar sensor circuit.

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