Application of Six-axis Force Sensor for Measuring the Loading of the Racing Tyre

In the paper we can read description related to sensing, sensor, racing, axis, steering angle input, temperature, force sensor, radial spherical plain, calibration, and measurement. There are many explanation like component, data, tyre, signals, calibration results, sampling frequency, force, direction force, and sensing technology are presented in this paper.

The paper gives the reader information related to steering angle, gauges, maximum strain, track, strain gauges, self aligning, racing tyre, edge structure, and structure. These are excerpted from this paper:

This study measures the forces and moments of a racing tyre on track. A novel six-axis force sensor with cross beams and innovative boundary conditions was designed. The radial spherical plain bearings make the sensing beams more flexible. They not only increase the signal but also lower the constraint forces thus reduce the mechanical risks. The structure also minimizes the change to the vehicle track, which enhances the vehicle handling behaviour. The results show good accuracy, linearity and noise resistance of the temperature according to the sensor calibration and the field test.

Even more, this paper contains information regarding beams, strain, axle length, system, bridge wiring, frequency, design, equipment, and spherical plain.

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