Application Report for Interfacing the MSP430 and TMP 100 Temperature Sensor

This application report contains things regarding temperature conversion, current consumption, conversion, the total system, i2c, and resolution. There are many info like temperature, power consumption, temperature measurement system, interfacing, and measurement are explained inside the application report.

In this application report we can learn things regarding tmp100 temperature sensor, instruments, temperature sensor, implementation, current, and interface. Here are selected from the application report:

This application report describes the hardware and software interface between the Texas Instruments MSP430F413 16-bit micro-controller and TMP100 digital temperature sensor, implementing an ultra-low power temperature measurement system (Figure 1) capable of operation from a single 3-V battery for over 10 years. The following sections demonstrate how to interface the two devices in hardware as well as implementation of the communication protocol via a two-wire I2C bus in software. While demonstrated here specifically for the TMP100, the software interface described can be applied to any MSP430 micro-controller and I2C-compatible slave peripheral device.

Giving more content, the application report presents info things like sensor, temperature conversion data, interfacing the msp430, temperature measurement, and data.

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