Article About Demonstration of Precision Missile Intercept Measurement Technique

This article gives you information regarding positioning, performance, instrumentation system, technique, signals, and gps. Many things about vector measurement, measurement, vector measurements, translator, and tracking are explained inside this article.

In this article you can get things such as optical measurements, missile intercept measurement, measurements, system, accuracy, and errors. Below are taken from this article:

Demonstration of a Precision Missile Intercept Measurement Technique Thomas Thompson R ecently a special Independent Research and Development project demonstrated that translator-based differential Global Positioning System (GPS) measurements can achieve a measurement accuracy of 2 cm in realistic missile intercept test environments. The project was initiated in recognition of a serious need an effective precision analysis capability for use in evaluating engagements and lethality of advanced ballistic missile intercept systems. Without accurate relative trajectory measurements at this level of precision, precision interceptor test and evaluation is impossible

Giving more content, the article contains more regarding measurement technique, instrumentation, signal, image motion compensation, and system performance.

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