Article About Fiber Optic Pressure Sensor for Internal Combustion Engines

Inside the article you can learn info around data, interferometer, photodetector, pressure sensor, piezoelectric, fiber optic, calibration, and cylinder pressure. Many things regarding optic sensor, frequency, magnetometer, application, optical signal, combustion, range, and signal are explained in this article.

The article contains information about optic pressure sensor, emissions, sensor, signal processor, signal conditioning unit, fiber optic sensor, the engine sensor, and performance. These are excerpted from the article:

A Fiber-Optic Pressure Sensor for Internal Combustion Engines A multiplexed fiber-optic pressure sensor system has proved accurate and durable at high temperatures in extended engine tests. This pegging technique, also used in piezoelectric engine pressure sensors, A Field Tests Extensive field tests have been carried out in large (1000-3500 hp) stationary reciprocating gas-fueled engines of the type used in natural gas transmission (see Figure 5, page 26). Average temperatures at the sensor (Kistler Model 6061B) consistently sensor locations in these engines are gener- shows better than +l% agreement in peak ally in the 2OO”C-300°C range, with peak pressure readings.

Furthermore, the article contains information things like pressure, signal conditioning, temperature, the optical signal, sensors, electromagnetic interference, pressure measurement, and pressure sensors.

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