Article About Seismic Sensor Circuit

Lots of info such as seismic sensor, input, and circuit are presented inside this article. The article contains info such as sensor assembly, and sensor.

In the article you can get info around vibrations, the piezo element, and output. The following are taken from the article:

CIRCUIT IDEAS SEISMIC SENSOR D. DW his circuit simulates a seismic sensor to detect vibrations/ sounds. A standard piezo sensor is used to detect vibrations/sounds due to pressure changes. In the circuit, IC TLO71 (IC1) is wired as a differential amplifier with almost equal voltages, which keeps the output low. Capacitor C1 is provided in the circuit to keep the differential input of IC1 for better performance. This alters the voltage level at the inputs of IC1 and the output momentarily swings high as indicated by green LED1. Whenever a pressure change develops near the sensor, the circuit will be activated.

Giving more content, this article tells us info such as piezo element, and the sensor assembly.

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