Article About Speed Sensor Back-Pocket Techniques

The article tells the reader information regarding output, the sensor wiring, sensor wiring, and speed. There are many info regarding the scan tool, sensor output, and front sensor are explained in this article.

Inside the article we can find explanation like sensor, scan tool, sensors, and tone ring. These are excerpted from the article:

02BF_5MightyGAB 1/18/05 8:18 AM Page 1 by Bill Williams for Mighty Auto Parts W heel speed sensors and the failures associated with them continue to be the most common type of ABS diagnosis performed in most shops. spray the sensor, wiring and connectors with a salt water solution when performing both the resistance measurement or sensor output test. Swapping Sensors: While not always possible, an effective double check is to switch sensors side to side to see if the problem moves with the sensor or stays on the same side.

In addition, the article gives us info about sensor failures, wiring, and speed sensor.

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