Article About Tips for Using Light Sensor

Inside this article the reader can get description around light intensity, intensity, and sensors. This article tells us information such as light levels, and instantaneous light intensity.

Many info around high intensity lamps, and sensor are explained in this article. The following are taken from this article:

technically speaking Tips for Using Light Sensors By Erik Runkle In winter, low light levels can limit production. If a stationary light sensor does not have a bubble level, consider using a level when mounting the sensor. If you’re interested in light levels provided to a crop under hanging baskets, be sure that the sensor is positioned appropriately. For example, a sensor in a house with boom watering should be positioned above the boom so that water droplets do not fall on the sensor. If water comes in contact with the sensor, dissolved solids can accumulate on the sensor, decreasing light transmission.

Furthermore, the article tells you more about light sensor, and light.

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