Assessment: Wireless Temperature Sensors for Improved HVAC Control

Many info like wireless temperature sensor, demonstration, facilities, temperature sensor, controls, repeater, wireless network, cost, management, and technology are described in the report. In this report we can find things regarding building, system, network, control, facility, sensor network, wireless sensor network, sensor, and signals.

The report presents things around wireless sensor, wireless sensor technology, wireless technology, battery, receiver, integration, installation, energy, temperature transmitters, and transmitter. Below are grabbed from the report:

Technology Installation Review A New Technology Demonstration Publication DOE/EE-0319 Leading Leading by example, saving energy and taxpayer dollars in federal facilities Wireless Temperature Sensors for Improved HVAC Control An assessment of wireless sensor technolog y Executive Summary This Technolog y Installation Review describes the installation of a wireless temperature sensor network at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory in Duluth, MN.

Even more, this report gives the reader discussion such as program, efficiency, sensor network installation, technology, temperature, hardware, setup, installation review, and architectural guidelines.

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