ATP3000L Decora Light and Temperature Sensor Datasheet

Inside this datasheet you can get info regarding acquisition, output, response time, output response time, temperature, ambient light, and range. This datasheet contains discussion related to light sensor, light, system, output response, signal, and signals.

There are many things around data acquisition, voltage range, outputs, measurement, response, and data are presented inside this datasheet. These are chosen from this datasheet:

The ATP3000L is an elegant wall plate designed to monitor indoor ambient temperature and relative light level. The attractive Decora styling, sturdy construction, high reliability and exceptional repeatablilty of the ATP3000L make it a logical choice for HVAC control and home automation projects. The ATP3000L contains a low profile temperature probe and an ambient light sensor. Screw-down wire connections afford easy installation. Operation of the ATP3000L is extremely simple. Just connect the +V and COM terminals to a DC power supply with a regulated output voltage between +5Vdc and +30Vdc. Take care to observe the proper polarity.

Giving more content, the datasheet tells the reader discussion such as controller, sensor, acquisition system, information, automation controller, and data acquisition system.

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