Automated Laser Sensor System for Damage Detection of Armored Launched Bridge

This paper presents explanation such as robotic gantry, laser vibration, research program, laser platform, visual inspection, master control, armored vehicle, detection algorithm, and master control program. Inside the paper you can read explanation related to damage detection, launching position, automated robotic gantry, automated laser sensor, automated robotic, laser sensor, strain energy distribution, and control program.

There are many info about detection using vibration, damage detection algorithm, strain energy, acquisition system, detection system, damage location, energy distribution, and dynamic testing are described inside the paper. Here are grabbed from this paper:

This paper presents an automated laser sensor system developed for damage detection of an Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge (AVLB) used by the US Army. The paper recounts the five-year effort aimed at developing a condition assessment system for AVLBs. A prototype automated laser sensor system built and tested by CFC-WVU consists of: 1) automated robotic gantry, 2) laser vibrometer, 3) data acquisition system, 4) excitation mechanism and 5) a master control program.

Furthermore, this paper contains info around laser sensor system, laser vibrometer, excitation mechanism, sensor system, launched bridge, velocity output, modal analysis, and data acquisition.

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