AVR32413: AVR32 AP7 Image Sensor Interface Driver from Atmel

Many things regarding codec path, board setup, preview, sensor input, code, space, output, setup code, platform device, webcam, driver, camera driver, video, and vertical synchronization are presented inside this application note. In this application note we can get things like configuration, application, linux custom board, image sensor, atmel products, drivers media, functions, device, pixel, stream, preview path, image, and codec.

This application note contains discussion around sensor interface, image sensor interface, information, video data, interface, module, structure, board, function, memory, format, sensor, and setup. Here are grabbed from the application note:

he image sensor interface (ISI) is available on the Atmel AVR®32AP700x microcontroller series and can be used to connect various image sensors. This application note describes how the ISI module can be used with Linux. The V4L2 API defines two different ways of transferring video data between user-space and a driver. These are memory mapping
and simple data copying from kernel to user-space. Capturing uses the read() (data copy) interface of a driver to copy the grabbed data to user space. This is slow due to the copy transaction and is therefore only suited for a “single capture”. If a video stream should be acquired the memory mapped interface of the V4L2 specification should be used to get the best performance. The mmap() interface is used by a V4L2 driver to map either buffers provided by the driver to user-space or buffers provided by a user-space application to the driver.

Also, the application note explains more around camera, camera function, bit, specification, data, frames, application note, video streaming, streaming, system, processing, mode, and grayscale mode.

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