Badger’s Model 250 Rotary Speed Sensor Installation Manual

This installation manual contains discussion regarding speed detection, shaft, connection diagram, underspeed detection, sensor, overspeed, full revolution, speed sensor board, operation, head cable, operating point, operating speed, contacts, system, speed, and control board. Lots of information related to speed applications, detection, range, setting, alarm, speed sensor, mark, sense head cable, shutdown circuit, mounting, period between mark, rotating machine, installation, machinery, sensor board, and underspeed are explained inside this installation manual.

In this installation manual we can get explanation around wiring, board, over speed, control, applications, fault condition, dropout point readjust, placement, overspeed detection, delay, minimum operating speed, setpoint, rotary speed, delay control, response time, and circuit. The following are some excerpt from this installation manual:

The control circuit is mounted on a printed circuit board. Power input, sense head wires, and output connections are made to two screw terminal strips, TB1 and TB2. The output relay is dust-tight, and provides two Form-ā€œCā€ contacts, each rated at 10A resistive, or 1/3 HP at 120VAC. The board has two operating controls, the setpoint adjustment knob, the startup delay control, and two user-selectable jumpers, one for operating Page 1 range selection, and the other for underspeed or overspeed detection.

Giving more content, the installation manual gives us info regarding machine, startup delay, control circuit, sense head, head, startup delay control, mark installation, motor, power, relay, range setting, circuit board, conduit, shutdown, and startup.

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