B&G Ultrasonic Speed Sensor Installation User Manual

Lots of information such as sensor junction, assembly, sensor connections, interference, boatspeed, sensor wire, transducer, system, hull sensor mounting, maintenance, and functions are described in this user manual. Inside the user manual we can find information related to installation, safety ring, silicone grease, hydra hercules processor, ultrasonic pulses, sensor figure, sensor, harmful interference, mounting, antifouling paint, and ultrasonic speed sensor.

This user manual gives the reader discussion about safety, connections, procedure, processor, sealant, sensor assembly, locking wire, equipment, speed, speed measurement, and electrical connections. Below are excerpted from this user manual:

5 Suitable locations for Thru-hull Sensor Mounting 1-8 1.6 Ultrasonic Speed Sensor Assembly 1-9 1.7 Preparation of a Cored Fibreglass Hull 1-11 Ultrasonic Speed Sensor 1.8 Maintenance 1.13 TABLES Table No Page 1.1 Specifications 1-3 1.2 Junction box wire functions 1-5 1.3 Speed sensor wire functions (H- Series) 1-6 1.4 Speed sensor wire functions (h1000) 1-7 Ultrasonic Speed Sensor 1.1 Introduction The Ultrasonic Speed Sensor offers highly accurate boat speed measurement with a minimum of maintenance due to not having any moving parts.

Furthermore, the user manual presents info things like ultrasonic, hercules processor, specifications, housing, speed transducer, speed sensor connections, speed sensor, wire, transducers, and sensor mounting.

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