Biocompatible Force Sensor with Optical Readout

The paper gives you information related to resolution, range, sensor, measurement, and efficiency. Many discussion around force, double stranded section, fluorescence properties, and fluorescence are explained inside this paper.

Inside the paper you can find info related to calibration experiments, single strand section, data, corresponding fluorescence, and molecule. Here are some excerpt from this paper:

The sensor was calibrated between 0 and 20 pN using a combined magnetic tweezers/single-molecule 1 fluorescence microscope. We show that it is possible to tune the sensor’s force response by varying the interdye spacing and that the FRET efficiency of the sensors decreases with increasing force. We demonstrate the usefulness of these sensors by using them to measure the forces internal to a single polymer molecule, a small DNA loop. Partial conversion of the single-stranded DNA loop to a double-stranded form results in the accumulation of strain: a force of approximately 6 pN was measured in the loop upon hybridization. The sensors should allow measurement of forces internal to various materials, including programmable DNA self-assemblies, polymer meshes, and DNA-based machines.

Giving more content, this paper presents more regarding force sensor, loop, distance, and energy.

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