BL-26 Laser Photoelectric Sensor Installation Instruction

In this installation instruction the reader can get info around output, current, diagram, connector, laser diode, control, sensor, wiring diagram, and micro connector. This installation instruction tells you explanation about switch, intensity setting, mounting screws, position, intensity control, logic inversion, sensing range, diffuse sensing, and laser beam.

Lots of information such as reflector, laser, background reflectance, light, laser photoelectric sensor, laser spot, sensing, range, and output indicator are described in this installation instruction. The following are some excerpt from this installation instruction:

The unit has an adjustable intensity control that allows it to be used as a long range retro-reflective [50m(160ft.)], polarized short range retro-reflective, or diffuse sensor depending on the circumstances of the application. The collimated laser beam is small in diameter [approx. 2mm @ 300mm(12in.)] and is capable of discerning small objects, small features on an object, or precision detection of edges. There are both a PNP(sourcing) and an NPN(sinking) output operating simultaneously.

Furthermore, this installation instruction explains information regarding photoelectric sensor, mounting holes, housing connector, sensing mode, intensity, power, indicator, unwanted reflections, and mounting.

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