Blood Pressure Measurement Procedure

Inside this technical document we can get info like augmentation procedures, position, gauge, pressure, maximum inflation, circulation, systolic pressure, blood pressure, and cuff. There are lots of info regarding blood, maximum inflation level, brachial artery, cardiovascular health, health, stethoscope, deflation, artery, and sound are described inside this technical document.

This technical document gives us discussion about rate, diastolic, aneroid, reading, inflation level, systolic, korotkoff, estimated systolic pressure, and measurement. These are excerpted from the technical document:

INFLATE the cuff as rapidly as possible to maximum inflation level (MIL), calculated in Step #10 (30 mm Hg above estimated systolic pressure). MAKE NOTATIONS of cuff, arm and position only if there are variations from the standard procedure of seated, regular cuff, right arm and fifth Korotkoff phase. If the arm size is larger than a Alarge adult or thigh cuff size@ the screener may consider using the lower arm blood pressure measurement procedure which is available from MDCH.

Additionally, the technical document explains discussion such as estimated systolic, bladder, diastolic readings, inflation, diaphragm, korotkoff sounds, procedure, korotkoff phase, and pulse.

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