Blood Pressure Monitor Design with Flexis QE128

There are lots of information related to system, temperature range, interface, audio feedback, hardware description, monitor design, microcontroller, software, design reference, reference, and schematics are presented inside this design reference. Inside this design reference we can get description regarding pressure monitor, blood, measurement, blood pressure measurement, sensor, hardware, proximity sensor, wireless connectivity, display, and pressure.

The design reference gives the reader things about mpr083 proximity sensor, sampling rate, user interface, application, package description, monitor, power supply, oled display, semiconductor, freescale, and pressure sensor. The following are excerpted from the design reference:

The blood pressure monitor (BPM) reference design shows how to implement a system that can measure arterial blood pressure values. The system demonstrates control, data retention, analog acquisition, and connectivity functions, as well as the ability to interface with a user. These are achieved by using several Freescale devices. This reference design serves only as a proof of concept for this application and is not authorized for use in safety-critical applications such as a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) class 3 application.

In addition, the design reference gives you more such as systolic pressure, software design, blood pressure, blood pressure monitor, design, diastolic pressure, pressure monitor design, pressure measurement, semiconductor schematics, and zigbee.

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