Body Measurement Techniques

This dissertation contains discussion about measurement system, level, specific body measurements, circumference, method, system, body measurements, point, and length. There are many explanation like cyberware method, body scanning technology, imagetwin method, measurement, technology, scanning, traditional measurement, traditional measurement method, and body scanning are explained inside this dissertation.

Inside this dissertation we can get info about standards, scanner model, selected scanner models, natural indentation, models, measurements, symcad method, data capture, and anthropometry. Here are grabbed from this dissertation:

Three-dimensional body scanning is capable of extracting an infinite number of types of data. However, a problem exists in the consistency of measuring techniques between scanners. Among the several scanners that are currently available, significant variance exists in how each captures specific body measurements. Until the data capture process of specific body measurements can be standardized or communicated among scanning systems, this island of technology cannot be utilized for its maximum benefit within the apparel industry. This paper will to a) give a brief description of several major body scanners, b) discuss traditional anthropometry with regards to landmarks and body dimension data, and c) present a comparison of traditional anthropometry with the measurement techniques for each scanner.

In addition, this dissertation presents info about circumference traditional measurement, three dimensional body, scanners, anthropometric methods, body scanner, anatomical points, whole body scanner, and measurement method.

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