BOSCH BMP085 Digital Pressure Sensor Datasheet

In this datasheet the reader can find info about resolution, sensor, electrical characteristics, software, temperature, accuracy, application schematics, interface, mode, and pressure. This datasheet presents information like sensortec, standard, pressure sensor, supply voltage, oversampling setting, power, data, measurement, and pressure measurement.

Lots of things around coefficients, symbol, device, conversion time, package, temperature measurement, application, long term stability, and calibration are explained inside this datasheet. The following are chosen from the datasheet:

The sampling rate can be increased up to 128 samples per second (standard mode) for dynamic measurement. In this case, it is sufficient to measure the temperature only once per second and to use this value for all pressure measurements during the same period. By using different modes the optimum compromise between power consumption, speed and resolution can be selected, see below table.

In addition, the datasheet tells you more about variable oversampling, specifications, parameter, calibration coefficients, calibration data, maximum ratings, conversion, noise, and standard mode.

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