Bosch Oxygen Sensor-Bulletin

This bulletin contains discussion related to emissions, catalytic, oxygen, and the catalytic converter. Many things regarding sensor, oxygen sensor, and catalytic converter are presented in this bulletin.

In this bulletin you can read explanation regarding converter, range, and engine emissions. The following are excerpted from the bulletin:

Planar oxygen sensor 14 2 3 4 5 6 7 Sensor design The oxygen sensor (see Figure 3) is a galvanic oxygen concentration cell with a solid state electrolyte. The planar sensor is distinguished from the finger type by: • the solid body electrolyte consists of ceramic layers • a solid ceramic sealant retains the sensor element within the sensor casting • a dual-wall guard tube protects the sensor element against excessive thermal and physical stresses The individual active layers (see Figure 6) are manufactured using silk-screening techniques.

In addition, this bulletin explains more such as combustion, oxygen sensors, and sensors.

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