Bosch Premium oxygen Sensors

This brochure gives you things regarding premium oxygen sensors, air, mixture, thimble type sensors, exhaust gases, advanced ceramic, automotive oxygen, harmful exhaust emissions, ceramic, and engine. In the brochure you can find info such as fuel, element, connection system, bosch, engine performance, oxygen sensor technology, converter, premium oxygen, thimble type, and sensor technology.

There are many info around vehicles, life, harmful emissions, thimble, premium, signal, gasoline, catalytic converter, technology, and sensor are presented in the brochure. Here are excerpted from this brochure:

Today it is the world’s largest Bosch is the inventor of the automotive oxygen mixture to the optimal level. producer of oxygen sensors and currently sensor and the number one choice of car makers Too much oxygen in the exhaust gases indicates a supplies them to virtually all vehicle around the world. From the first unheated thimble lean mixture, which can cause performance type sensors to today’s revolutionary heated planar problems, including misfire. Too little oxygen and wide-band sensors, Bosch continues to lead the indicates a rich mixture, which wastes fuel and way in oxygen sensor technology and innovation.

Furthermore, this brochure contains information such as advanced ceramic technology, oxygen, ceramic technology, oxygen sensor, automotive, emissions, performance, fuel costs, and gases.

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