Bosch Pressure Sensor for Up-to 1800 Bar Datasheet

There are lots of discussion about storage conditions, short circuits, working circuit, temperature compensation, range, overvoltage and undervoltage, detection, and error range are explained in the datasheet. In this datasheet the reader can read information regarding temperature, sensitivity, diagnostic function, voltage range, plug, circuit, and pressure.

The datasheet tells you information such as errors, sensor type, temperature range, offset and sensitivity, signal output, signal, and connector. Here are excerpted from this datasheet:

This sensor differs from conventional sensors due to the following diagnostic functions: – Offset errors – Amplification errors can be detected by comparing two signal paths in the sensor. Storage conditions Temperature range –30…+60 °C Relative air humidity 0…80 % Maximum storage period 5 years Through compliance with the above storage conditions, it is ensured that the sensor functions remain unchanged.

Furthermore, the datasheet explains discussion around pressure sensors, pressure range, self monitoring, wiring harness, measuring cell, output, and sensors.

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