Brochure About JUMO Temperature Sensor Technology

Many info about platinum sensors, applications, and data are explained inside this brochure. In this brochure the reader can find things related to sensors, temperature sensors, and platinum temperature sensors.

The brochure presents information regarding quality, temperature, and temperature sensor. These are excerpted from the brochure:

PR 90047 EN Temperature Sensor Technology JUMO – Your Competent Partner for Sensor Applications JUMO, a medium-sized, third-generation family business headquartered in Fulda, offers a varied range of platinum temperature sensors. Peter Deiß Product Manager for temperature sensors in International Sales and Applications With an annual production of several million temperature sensors, JUMO is one of the most important global suppliers. +49 661 6003-585 Tel.: E-Mail: Thin-film method platinum temperature sensors JUMO relies on quality, combined with fair market prices ■ Precision and long-term stability from the clean room ■ Tolerances from + /– 0.1°C in series production

Also, this brochure contains discussion regarding platinum temperature, and sensor.

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