Brochure for DENSO Oxygen Sensor

Inside this brochure we can learn explanation about oxygen, oxygen sensors, signal voltage, and denso oxygen sensors. This brochure presents things related to oxygen sensor, response times, and sensor signal voltage.

There are lots of discussion related to performance, sensor signal, and oxygen sensor signal are explained inside the brochure. Here are chosen from the brochure:

OXYGEN SENSORS Efficient Performance Your performance car’s oxygen sensor is constantly exposed to harmful contaminants, such as engine lubricants, sealants, fuel adhesives and silicon, which can damage the sensor’s element. If the oxygen content in the exhaust gas is too high (a lean mixture) or too low (a rich mixture), the oxygen sensor is able to transmit this information to the ECU, which then adjusts the air/fuel ratio. New DENSO Oxygen Sensor Signal Voltage Aged Oxygen Sensor Signal Voltage Here’s what the performance experts are saying: “The DENSO sensors are the only oxygen sensors I will ever use for leaded gas conditions.

Even more, the brochure explains information such as the oxygen sensor, sensors, and sensor.

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