Brochure of Titan Wireless Moisture Sensor Interface

Lots of discussion such as titan control system, moisture probes, probes, and sensors are described inside the brochure. Inside this brochure you can read things such as control system, data, moisture sensors, and station.

This brochure tells us things such as system, program, moisture sensing, and applications. These are some excerpt from this brochure:

New Product Announcement Titan Wireless Moisture Sensor Interface Argus has recently developed an interfacing option for using Decagon wireless moisture probes with the Argus Titan control system. Titan Control System Base Station Data Logger Radio(s) Titan Controller The Argus Operator program obtains the sensor information from the connected base station and passes it into the control system. Argus PC Probe(s) Alternatives For situations where wireless communications are not required, there are options for directwired connection of Decagon moisture sensors to both the Argus Titan and Argus Classic systems.

Giving more content, this brochure explains information things like wireless, wireless data, the control system, and data logger.

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