C7835A1009 Discharge Air Temperature Sensor

There are many information regarding equipment, sensor, instructions, building control, cooling system, temperature, and system are explained in the installation instruction. Inside this installation instruction the reader can read info about location, resistance temperature, heating, resistance, thermostat wire, installation, and probe.

This installation instruction contains information about air, bus, air temperature sensor, temperature sensor, coil, operation, and zoning. The following are selected from the installation instruction:

The C7835A1009 Discharge Air Temperature Sensor (DATS) is a duct-mounted temperature probe that provides capacity control of heating and cooling equipment. It is used only with Honeywell networked zoning. Mounted in the supply air duct, the DATS senses the delivered air temperature and cuts off the heating or cooling when the delivered air temperature goes above or below normal operating limits. The heating and cooling limits are field-adjustable.The DATS also compares the discharge air temperature to the room temperature and, if out of tolerance, a heating or cooling alert is issued. In normal operation, the heat and cool lights are off, and the COM light blinks periodically with activity on the Enviracom bus.

Giving more content, the installation instruction presents info around circuit board, alert, cooling equipment, control, cooling, and product.

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