C9331 Color Sensor Evaluation Circuit-Datasheet

Lots of things about color sensors, sensor evaluation circuit, and photodiode are presented inside this datasheet. Inside this datasheet we can read information regarding sensor, evaluation circuit, and voltage conversion amplifier.

This datasheet tells the reader discussion related to circuit, specifications, and color sensor. Below are chosen from the datasheet:

C9331 Color sensor evaluation circuit board C9331 is an evaluation circuit board specifically designed for Hamamatsu color sensors. A 3-channel current-to-voltage conversion amplifier is mounted that converts each of RGB photocurrent into voltage signals for output. Features Applications l 3 ch current-to-voltage conversion amplifier for color sensor evaluation l Color sensors that mount on C9331: l Evaluation of Hamamatsu color sensor S7505-01, S9032-02 (optional) s Absolute maximum ratings (Ta=25 °C) Parameter Supply voltage Operating temperature Storage temperature Symbol Vcc Max.

Giving more content, this datasheet contains information things like color sensor evaluation, and amplifier.

Download C9331 Color Sensor Evaluation Circuit-Datasheet pdf
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