CALIX Laser triangulation sensors

In this product guide the reader can get explanation like systems, measuring range, technical data, complete documentation, laser, laser applications, sensors, installation, production, quality, and ethernet. There are many information related to replacement, power, sampling frequency, medical applications, data, laser type wavelength, highest precision, movement, depth, and material are described inside this product guide.

This product guide gives us explanation related to distance, traversing measurement, laser systems, thickness, surface, support, product, thickness measurement, precision, digital signal, and maintenance. Here are some excerpt from the product guide:

CALIX series is the first LAP sensor family for differential thickness measurement in one housing. CALIX is an alternative to displacement sensors placed in complex measuring frames that need temperature control and frequent re-calibration due to the systems characteristics. Take advantage of CALIX features in production and quality assurance: In CALIX sensors, the measuring beams are precisely aligned and calibrated ex factory. No need for complicated adjustments on site, no error prone alignment procedures. LAP CALIX sensors are easy to set up and easy to use. They can be moved into the production line fron the side without a bridge construction. No contact to the object to be measured, no wear and tear on the sensor, no traces on the measured surface.

In addition, this product guide gives you discussion around diode, quality assurance, measurement, fast measurement, laser sensor, system, supply, class sampling frequency, applications, and signal.

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