Campbell Scientific Wind Speed Sensor Model 014A Met One Instruction Manual

Lots of information such as replacement procedure, datalogger, speed sensor table, output, campbell scientific dataloggers, pulse channels, example program, and example programs are described inside this instruction manual. This instruction manual presents things regarding dataloggers, speed sensor, installation, dataloggers control, speed, signal reference, example, and programs.

In this instruction manual we can get explanation around wind, wind speed, signal, specifications, configuration code, sensor, wind speed sensor, and white signal reference. The following are grabbed from this instruction manual:

Wiring for Pulse Port Example Programs Color Description CR1000 CR10X Black Signal P1 P1 White Signal Reference G Clear Shield G CR1000 Example Program ‘CR1000 ‘Created by Short Cut (2.5) ‘Declare Variables and Units Public Batt_Volt Public WS_ms Units Batt_Volt=Volts Units WS_ms=meters/second ‘Define Data Tables DataTable(Table1,True,-1) DataInterval(0,60,Min,10) Average(1,WS_ms,FP2,False) EndTable ‘Main Program BeginProg Scan(5,Sec,1,0) ‘Default Datalogger Battery Voltage measurement Batt_Volt: Battery(Batt_Volt) 5 Met-One 014A Wind Speed Sensor ‘014A Wind Speed Sensor measurement WS_ms: PulseCount(WS_ms,1,1,2,1,0.8,0.447) If WS_ms<0.448 Then WS_ms=0 'Call Data Tables and Store Data CallTable(Table1) NextScan EndProg CR10X Example Program ;{CR10X} *Table 1 Program 01: 5.0000 Execution Interval (seconds) 1: Batt Voltage (P10) 1: 1 Loc [ Batt_Volt ] 2: Pulse (P3) 1: 1 2: 1 3: 22 4: 2 5: 0.8 6: 0.447 Reps Pulse Channel 1 Switch Closure, Output Hz Loc

Also, this instruction manual contains discussion such as configuration, datalogger program, sensor cable, mounting, wiring, maintenance, sensors, and diagram.

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