Campbell Scientific’s Wind Speed Sensor Model 014A

The product specification contains discussion regarding potentiometer, dataloggers, fitting, specified lead, steel tripods, scan rate, magnetic reed, aluminum, tripod tower, wind direction, constant, and angle. Inside the product specification we can get explanation like reed switch, sealed magnetic reed, speed sensor, sensor mounting kit, wind, threshold, tripod, mounting, angle mounting, sensor, user specified lead, and distance.

Lots of things around right angle mounting, kit, wind speed, rate, stainless steel, speed, pulse, recommended lead, right angle, rail fitting, lead, and tripod recommended lead are described inside this product specification. These are taken from this product specification:

Met One’s 014A Wind Speed Sensor is an accurate and durable 0 to 100 mph anemometer with a threshold of 1.0 mph. The sensor is a continuous-duty measurement tool designed for long-term unattended operation in adverse environments. A sealed magnetic reed switch produces a series of contact closures at a rate proportional to wind speed. An aluminum cup assembly with a distance constant of less than 15 feet is normally supplied. For greater sensitivity, an optional LEXAN cup assembly has a distance constant of less than 5 feet. Anemometer Construction and Mounting Crossarm The 014A is constructed of corrosion-resistant, stainless steel and anodized aluminum.

Also, this product specification presents more about magnetic reed switch, stainless steel tripods, lead length, steel, accuracy, angle mounting bracket, sensor mounting, distance constant, operating range, mounting bracket, and range.

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