Capacitive Proximity Sensor E2K-C

In the technical note you can learn information regarding sensing head, leakage current, switching, standard, distance, frequency, indicator, mounting bracket, sensing distance, voltage, sensitivity, residual load, detection, shaped mounting, output voltage, and load voltage. The technical note contains information regarding circuit, power, sensing objects, potentiometer, object, load, level output, power supply voltage, operation indicator, temperature range, proximity, shaped mounting bracket, model, metal, sensing, and signal load.

Lots of things about resistance, output, sensitivity adjustment, supply voltage, mounting, main circuit, data, power supply, sensing object, voltage load, surge absorber, sensing distances, metal plate, residual output, bracket, and temperature are presented in the technical note. These are chosen from this technical note:

When mounting a Proximity Sensor,be sure to provide a distance of 80mm min. from the surrounding metal objects, to prevent the Sensor from being affected by metal objects other than the sensing object. When mounting the Sensor with the L-shaped mounting bracket,be sure to provide a distance of 20 mm min. between the face of the sensing head and the mounting bracket. The E2K-C can detect almost any type of object. The sensing distance of theE2K-C, however, will vary with the electrical characteristics of the object, such as the conductance and inductance of the object, and the water content and capacity of the object. The maximum sensing distance of the E2K-C will be available if the object is
made of grounded metal.

Giving more content, the technical note explains more regarding residual load voltage, current, heat resistant, wire, operation, sensor, supply, sensing surface, stable operation, malfunction, metal objects, response, rated power, load current, and mutual interference.

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