Capacitive Sensor Interface Circuits

Inside the thesis you can learn information like circuit realization, circuit design, closed loop gain, imaging system, technology, input resistance, output, signal processing, value, ultrasound, circuit, voltage, interface, feedback loop, capacitive sensor, input, feedback, prototype, resistance, loop, paper, and capacitor bank. This thesis presents explanation like threshold, systems, output voltage, amplifier, voltage gain, voltage amplifier, ultrasound imaging, frequency, noise, power, transfer function, signal, linearity, gate, signal conditioning, charging current, sensor systems, interface circuit, error, imaging, and linearity performance.

Lots of discussion about loop gain, bias current, capacitor, differential output capability, common source amplifier, current source, supply, capacitance, feedback resistors, devices, differential signal current, input impedance, applications, device, output signal, output swing, sensor, current, measurement, threshold voltage, single ended sensor, and design are described in the thesis. Below are selected from this thesis:

This thesis focuses on simple capacitive measurement techniques suitable for integration in CMOS technologies. The main motivation being: to realize simple frontends for capacitive sensors and microsystems for integration in high-density sensing applications, for example, in arrays of sensors for highresolution ultrasound imaging. In addition, there are many applications where a high accuracy in sensing is not essential; in such cases, a simple interface circuit can not only save the design time, but may also offer area and power advantages over the more complex circuits. Therefore, one of the main aims in this research has been to realize simple circuit topologies that may benefit such applications.

Furthermore, the thesis presents info around output resistance, transimpedance amplifier, sensing, resistors, analog, system, power spectral density, capacitive sensor interface, differential capacitive sensor, total harmonic distortion, nanoscale technologies, signal current, capacitive sensing, gain, voltage sensing, power supply, nanoscale, coupling capacitor, source, supply voltage, and input capacitance.

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