Capacitive Sensors for Detecting Proximity and Response in Behavior Research Method

Inside the paper the reader can learn things about connection, device, reference, voltage source, electrode sensing, electrode, environmental navigation apparatus, system, recalibration, detection circuit, sensing circuit, and function. This paper contains things related to circuit, capacitance, surface, capacitive, sensor circuit, behavior recording technology, capacitive proximity, proximity, supply, sensor, and sensing.

Many info related to systems, circuits, voltage, range, sensitivity, technology, signal, sensing electrode, physical contact, electrical properties, power supply, and metal object are presented in this paper. These are grabbed from this paper:

We have implemented an inexpensive circuit that indicates when a subject is in close proximity to a specified area of arbitrary shape and size. The circuit can transform an easily created metal surface or a preexisting metal object into an experimental sensor. The subject need not make physical contact with the sensor to activate the mechanism, which enables the detection of subjects through nonconductive materials, such as wood and plastics. The technology is readily adapted to existing experimental setups. Applications of this technology, using pigeons, rats, and mice, demonstrate its flexibility: a nose-poke/peck sensor for response or choice detection; a subject location detector that can be placed on a floor, wall, or ceiling; and a perch that detects when a bird is present.

Furthermore, the paper presents more about distance, response, detection output, power, behavior, time, circuit sensitivity, detection, wires, sensing field, and electrode sensing field.

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