Catalog for Current Sensor for AC and DC Currents

The catalog presents information around outputs, current flow, and mounting. There are many information around sensor, and transistor outputs are explained in the catalog.

In this catalog we can get information such as the current sensor, currents, and connection. These are chosen from this catalog:

Electronic-Current-Transformer Current Sensor for AC- and DC-Currents P ut-on sensor with transistor-output Current Sensor S1 for AC- und DC-Ströme The current sensor S1 records the current in a cable with a hallsensor. 5 A (option: adjustable 5-30 A) LED for current flow monitoring of AC and DC currents mounting without disconnection of cable possible 2 transistor-outputs, switching + and direct connection to a PLC possible connection to current-relays ZIEHL type STW robust, sealed execution overload capacity: unlimited test-voltage 2,5 kV Order-number: Current Sensor S1, 5 A fixed Current Sensor S1, 5-30 A adjustable PNP NPN DC 24 V ±20%, 15 mA

Additionally, this catalog contains more regarding current, and current sensor.

Download Catalog for Current Sensor for AC and DC Currents pdf
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