Catalog for GE’s Thermometrics Temperature Sensor Solutions

This catalog tells you information related to surface sensors, flow measurement, liquid level detection, temperature sensing, liquid level sensing, temperature sensors, and temperature. Lots of info like flow detection, temperature compensation, sensors, thermistors, liquid level, gas flow measurement, and performance are described in the catalog.

Inside this catalog you can get info such as circuit, thermistor, circuit protection, energy management, skin sensors, measurement, and sensitivity. These are taken from the catalog:

The Thermometrics temperature product line contributes more than 70 years of technology experience in the design and manufacture of high quality sensors to the GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies portfolio of sensor-based solutions. Thermometrics pioneered lead frame technology, unifying the probe terminal and thermistor lead into a single constructed metal substrate. This innovation was the building block to today’s fully automated volume production process, which ensures the highest degree of quality and performance.

Also, this catalog contains info around range, overload protection, temperature measurement, temperature sensor, accuracy, and sensor.

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