Catalog for Inductive Distance Measuring Sensor

The catalog presents information such as sensors, protection, output circuit, distance measuring sensors, circuit, polarity protection, and frequency. There are many discussion around output indicator, polarity, response time, dimension, mounting, circuit protection, and distance are explained in this catalog.

Inside this catalog we can find explanation about operating temperature, data, baumerelectric, ambient conditions, inductive sensors, current consumption, and connection diagrams. These are grabbed from this catalog:

Inductive distance measuring sensors AlphaProx n Overview n 31 AlphaProx Function and applications Inductive sensors with analog output signals are characterized by their short response times, high resolution and linearity as well as their outstanding repeat accuracy. The output current and voltage values are proportional to the distance between the sensor and the object being detected. In other words, they represent absolute measured values corresponding to the distance between the active surface and the object. These properties make inductively measuring linear sensors extremely interesting for numerous applications in the area of measurement and control engineering.

In addition, this catalog explains discussion regarding range, short circuit protection, output signal, distance measuring, sensor, and measuring distance.

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