Catalog for Keyence Digital Laser Sensor LV Series

Inside this catalog we can learn info related to intensity, laser radiation, amplifier, and detecting area. This catalog presents things regarding sensor, transmitter, laser, and overcurrent protection circuit.

Lots of info such as detection, receiver, light intensity, and protection circuit are explained in the catalog. Here are chosen from the catalog:

Digital Laser Optic Sensor LV Series Laser Thrubeam Measuring Sensors and Micrometers Laser Optic Sensor PRODUCTS For High-Precision Measurement High-Speed, High-Accuracy CCD Micrometer LS7000 Series Wide Area Thrubeam Type Excellent repeatability 0.06 ┬Ám 0.002 Mil High speed 2400 samples/second Maintenance free design Easy set-up, target viewer page 2 Small-Spot Reflective Type page 6 Checking the width and edge of a glass plate Measuring the eccentricity of a roller Measuring the dimensions of extruded covered wire

Even more, the catalog explains more around pulse duration, circuit, main circuit, and distance.

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