Catalog for Visible Light Sensor

In this catalog we can find info regarding output current, lux, eye spectral response, output voltage, optical filters, and sensors. Many information related to spectral, gain, range, sensitivity, ambient light, and spectral response are presented in this catalog.

This catalog contains info about light, light sensors, immunity, visible light sensors, temperature range, and programmable integration time. Here are excerpted from this catalog:

Visible Light Sensor Selection Guide Useful Light Output Light Function Range (Lux) Part Number Package LX1980 MSOP-8 (Lens) NEW! 10 – 1000 RGB Linear Output Topology Input Supply Range Output Current @ 100 Lux Output Voltage per Red, Green, Blue 3.0V – 3.6V N/A High Accuracy, Temperature compensated. RGB displays, Architectural Solid State Lighting. Serial data stream using I2C compatible SMBus interface. Programmable 3.0V – 4.5V Interrupt pin support. N/A Human eye spectral response, +/-5% accuracy, 12b ADC, 50/60Hz interference rejection, programmable integration time and gain. Properties / Applications Contact Factory ctory for Availability 0 – 500 0 – 1000 0 – 2500 0 – 5000 Linear

Furthermore, this catalog contains information things like visible light sensors, response, light sensor, performance, sensor, and accuracy.

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