Catalog of ABB Current Sensor and Monitors

Inside this catalog we can learn things such as input voltage, zero current detection, current sensing, the input voltage, sensor, and ranges. Lots of explanation related to data sensor, detection, current flow, connection, sensor type, and current sensor are presented in the catalog.

This catalog gives you info related to current transducer, response time, current detection, power supply, current sensors, and toroidal sensor. The following are selected from the catalog:

The ECS Series of Single Phase AC Current Sensors is a universal, overcurrent or undercurrent sensing control. Its built-in toroidal sensor eliminates the inconvenience of installing a stand-alone current transformer. Includes onboard adjustments for current sensing mode, trip point, and trip delay. Detects over or under current events like locked rotor, loss of load, an open heater or lamp load, or proves an operation is taking place or has ended. Operation Toroidal Through Hole Wiring 0.5…50 A Trip Point Adjustable or Factory Fixed Trip Delays 10 A SPDT Isolated Output Contacts 5% Trip Point Hysteresis (Dead Band)

Also, the catalog explains discussion such as range, ac current transducer, series current sensor, overcurrent, and undercurrent.

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